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Coconut Boats being assembled in a warehouse

Customize & Purchase Your Very Own Coconut Boat

The hull color and graphics of these boats are fully customizable and available for purchase

What To Expect

No other vehicle better exemplifies a relaxing summer day than a Coconut Boat. This extraordinary vessel can do it all, whether you want tranquil days and evenings, or lively social gatherings. You may personalize your boat to suit your specific interests thanks to the vast room onboard. With the convenience of a dining space, enjoy picnics, beverages, or romantic dinners beneath the stars.

The boats come equipped with:

  • M150 Electric Motor and Propeller

  • Battery & Smart Charger

  • Picnic Table

  • Umbrella

  • Speakers

  • Life Buoy

  • Bilge Pump

  • Repair Kit

  • Ladder

  • Custom Color & Graphic


Contact our team for pricing and shipping details.

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